Don’t Be Caught Off-Guard by Sewer Problems in Charlotte, NC

Don’t Be Caught Off-Guard by Sewer Problems in Charlotte, NC

Have your sewer lines inspected by Modern Plumbing Co. of Charlotte

Don’t let broken sewer lines add to your company management stresses. Get sewer line camera inspections with Modern Plumbing Co. of Charlotte, Inc.! We’ll record everything we find and give you a video clip for your records. In some cases, however, you may want to skip the inspection and call for immediate sewer line repair services. Call us immediately if you’re noticing:
  • Regular backups whenever you flush
  • Mold problems
  • Extra green, lush patches of grass outside
  • Indentations in the lawn or under pavers
  • Foundation cracks
  • Rodent problems
  • Insect infestations

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We’ll get down and dirty so you don’t have to

Sewer line problems stink in more ways than one. Luckily, we offer fast, convenient repair and maintenance services, so your business - and your pipes - will run smoothly again. Our trusty sewer jetter will shoot water into your line to clear any blockages. Whether it's an apartment complex or an office building, we'll tackle problems of any size. We also offer quarterly maintenance services, so you can keep your sink and sewer lines clear.

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